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Motherlode Business Processess

Attention: Electric Utility Managers

  • Do you face increasing pressure to hold the line on local costs?
  • Do you know which service orders are being completed each day?
  • Is your work completed on time?
  • What's the quality of your construction work?
  • Do you believe you can manage what you aren't measuring?

For more information about an affordable software solution to help answer these questions, select this link.

MotherLode Products

  • Workflow/scheduling & reporting software
    Integrated software to streamline field service scheduling and generate effective management reporting.
    WorkLode Management
  • Supply chain automation services
    Electronically connects buying organization with vendors by exchanging business documents (PO, PO acknowledgement, Invoice) and saving costs.
    P.A.S.S.Connection FactoryPerfect F.I.T.
  • Business process review and audits
    Professional facilitation with employees, management, and boards to identify business problems and improve processes.
    Process ReviewCustom Database and Software Design
  • Workflow workshops
    On-site interactive sessions to build an understanding of the dynamics of automating work management systems.
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