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Electric Utilities

Twin missions: efficiency and reliability
As the focus on competition and efficiency increases industry-wide, utilities must become more efficient and cost-effective without negatively affecting customers' unwavering expectation of reliability. Moving information electronically is one strategy for achieving both goals, and, in fact, more information than ever is being communicated among energy companies, their customers and suppliers. The industry has turned to technological investments that will provide customers with the best possible reliability at the lowest possible cost, and is rapidly becoming a leader in the adoption of standards utilizing high technology solutions.

What are the business problems?
Each electric cooperative has its own set of challenges, yet all share some standard business processes. As MotherLode North America staff work with electric generating and transmission companies, as well as distribution cooperatives, the following questions frame the discussions:

  • How can I improve business efficiency?
  • How can I easily share information with supply chain trading partners?
  • How can I reduce inventory?
  • How can I provide our staff with more time for strategic relationships and projects?
  • How can I improve the balance sheet and income statement?
  • How can I eliminate manual processes?
  • How can I provide superior customer service?

MotherLode services
MotherLode North America provides the following services tailored to meet the needs of electric utilities and distribution cooperatives:

  1. Automated purchasing and invoicing systems
  2. Process improvement facilitation
  3. Custom application design and development
  4. Automated fax service
  5. E-commerce system audits
  6. Management consultation

Business benefits to supply chain automation

  • Fewer manual processes and less paperwork
  • Reduced data entry tasks (invoices)
  • Efficient invoice reconciliation (audit trail)
  • Improved efficiency of dispute resolution (archived documents)
  • Automated two-way or three-way match possible
  • Reduced level of payment inquiries (vendor payment visibility)
  • Fewer manual processes and less paperwork
  • More transparent order visibility (assured receipt of order data)
  • Improved order change process (reject, accept, accept w/exceptions)
  • Improved vendor satisfaction (vendor payment visibility)
  • Reduced inventory levels)
  • Reduces reconciliation time when shipment does not match PO
Case Studies

Basin Electric
One of the Upper Midwest's furthest-reaching utilities selected MotherLode to develop electronic supply connections with the many small and mid-sized companies that make up its core supplier base. More »