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Helping resource-based businesses reap the benefits of supply chain management

Discover untapped value
in your supply chain

While e-commerce has been around for several years, supply chain connectivity and work flow management are Web-based tools that have not yet been fully exploited by companies in natural resource industries, such as energy, mining and forest products.

  • The mining industry estimates that more then $200 billion of specialized products are consumed annually in that industry.

  • Forest products account for $250 billion of the gross domestic product in the U.S. alone, and more than half of that amount is spent on the materials and supplies procured to manufacture those products.

  • The Brookings Institute reports that productivity from Internet technologies in all U.S. industries will add .25-.50% to the gross national product each year through 2005, up to $225 billion per year.

The message is clear: capital-intensive industries like electric utilities, forest products and mining spend large amounts of money on supplies, parts and equipment; applying technology to purchase "smarter" has big value.

Knowledge and benefits to build your success
MotherLode knows more than technology. We know industry, too. Our staff has decades of experience working in natural-resource enterprises, and applies that depth of firsthand experience to your supply chain ? so you get cost-effective solutions that deliver immediate and long-term success.

Solutions to improve business efficiency
MotherLode provides electronic transaction products and services to streamline connections between business partners ? whatever their needs. We deliver 100% electronic trading partner connectivity for larger businesses that understand the benefits of electronic communication with their suppliers or customers. We also supply smaller and medium-sized businesses affordable Web-based tools, so companies of virtually any size can enhance their existing customer/supplier relationships, achieve competitive advantage and reduce operating costs.

The products
MotherLode's three customizable e-commerce solutions help you decipher the "alphabet soup" of electronic commerce technology:

P.A.S.S. - Purchasing Automation Service Solution

Your e-solution for universal supply-chain connectivity
PASS is a centralized operational service that serves as a bridge between your company's electronic supply interface and your suppliers' interfaces, whether or not they're electronic.

Database & Software,
Design & Development.

Your customized database and software solution.
With numerous technology options, MotherLode staff can assist your company with custom database and software requirements. Though we specialize in data integration, supply chain applications and web enabled technologies, our staff can help with almost any automation project.

Business Process Analysis

Facilitating Business Process Change
Having been involved in business process change in several companies, MotherLode staff can assist in analyzing and redesigning your business processes.

MotherLode.net: Connection Factory

Extend your WebForms electronic service to other customers
The MotherLode network provides electronic connections to over 600 companies through our Connection Factory solution.

Perfect F.I.T. - Perfect Fax Integration Technology

Your e-document delivery system
Perfect F.I.T. is a communication solution that allows you to convert any data source to fax.

WorkLode Manager

A suite of tools to schedule equipment and crews.
MotherLode North America provides a tool that pulls data from your engineering planning applications and inventory information…to produce more efficiently scheduled construction work orders and service orders.

On-site workshops designed for utility managers

Work flow management workshops
Electric utilities and similar organizations can now take advantage of a two-day interactive workshop that will help them develop a thorough understanding of the dynamics of automating their work management systems.

MLNA is...

Industry knowledge
Affordable service solutions
Industry exclusivity with our technology partners
Hosted, flexible, customizable and proprietary products
Experienced management team